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Fidget Cube Orange And White did not notice clearly, but you do not have to worry, we are all the point of the exchange, will not cause harm, but you do not want to compare nothing, our exchange is voluntary in principle. Bai Yucheng illegal passage Wei Xiaohong also a little wonderful work, she preconceived to understand their own situation, but did not consider the feelings of Zixia, and listen to her tone, mostly on the day Hegel down the wind can not be reconciled, heart Or want to be able to Hegel really a decisive male and female. Such people may not have any bad, but definitely a strong role, or that is not see the coffin can not shed tears of the players. Thought of this, Bai Yujing suddenly fidget cube orange and white twisted, jumped from the purple Xia arms, walking from the cat toward the cat went to the scene. White jade Zixia shocked, called out, white jade looked back at the purple Xia one, indicating she did not worry. Zixia you met white hands hands Feng Xiaobei whispered asked. Zixia shook his fidget cube orange and white head and said, He will not fight at all. Zixia school girl assured, white will not be injured. Bai Yulin into the field, everyone looked at him, after all, this is the most famous cat is the fidget cube by kickstarter current cat, Professor Wang is the fidget cube orange and white cat s life saving cat, hehe always had a young eye with a cat. Oh, what about the cat While we looked at the white jade when the only way to kill, domineering cut cat suddenly rushed to white jade Beijing. Despicable Feng Xiaobei scolded, that is Cheng Lu secretly instigated cat attack. White jade Zixia quickly fidget cube orange and white ran over, the results found that the cat rushed to the white cat in front, suddenly get down, the tail high tilt, gently shaking. This is not an attack, it is meet White jade like a generous elders, claws gently patted the cat s head, to show commendation. Purple Xia stunned, a look of puzzled, and all the other people have been stunned by this scene speechless. What is the situation, the success of the new party history That cat just obviously also fidget cube orange and white kill the Quartet, fierce Wei Hehe, arrogant, and now how suddenly become well known Mimi Zixia staring eyes, but also a look of puzzled. They, know Feng Xiaohe asked all the questions. It seems that the total with white jade is the old acquaintance. Wei Xiaohong also some incredible. The scene only.

o back to school, catch the train. Do you think the train is more important than this meal Zhu Huafeng looked Wei Xiaohong one, and then said I am honored to be named by Wu, but really no way to go, sorry. That casually you. The paternity is puzzling, frowning back to report. Wei Xiaohong and Zhu Huafeng looked at each other. Even if there is no personal experience of the entertainment circle, fidget cube orange and white but as a drama college students how to know the meaning of these dinner, the actress is to be queued to be picked to accompany the past, even the top of the pyramid that few Actress is also often in the dinner by the rich, big boss veneer, shoulder to take pictures of the oil burst, not to mention her For Zhu Huafeng, no matter how she usually behaved in the world, she is a fidget cube deeppink big one female student, that scene can not cope with. Then we first go back to the hotel, just white jade today s play also finished. Wei Xiaohong Road. Zhu Huafeng nodded Two girls and white jade from the crew back to the hotel, Zhu Huafeng all the way silent, to the hotel after finally opening Red sister, you said I really entered the line, will not have that Wei Xiaohong laughed and said This is the purpose of our establishment of white and black, although there are many in the circle helpless, but we are against the contrary, to keep the freedom to say no. Zhu Huafeng nodded, next to the white jade listening to the dialogue between the two, eyes to see elsewhere, I do not know the two girls in the courage and ambition or feelings of the two women in the innocent and simple. No matter so much, take a bath, and then go out to eat. Wei Xiaohong got up. it is good. Wei Xiaohong fidget cube orange and white back to the room, Zhu Huafeng went to the mirror before the hair bundle up, and then began to undress. Bai Yu, take a bath with me. Zhu Huafeng wearing underwear went to white jade, easily picked up him, together into the bathroom. White, you said I refused that meal, they will block me Zhu Huafeng side to remove the last cover of the clothing, while asked white. The original heart, after all, or worry, white partial head. I do not want to become a person we now hate, white you will not agree Zhu Huafeng open the faucet, the water temperature is adjusted. Bai Yujing looked at her quietly, looking at, autumn harvest, we white and black can make this world with admiration. Deng Youren Xiao Zhihao. Yuan Zixia has been nodding, gifted sister finished, then said After we have their own base camp friends. Wei Xiaohong said Yes, these two days I find someone to the office layout, fidget cube orange and white after that is our base. Everyone nodded unanimously. You can imagine, there will be countless shaking entertainment after the decision here was born, we must be prepared. Haha, good red sister July 26, Feng Xiaobing birthday, just in the same day cat friends fixing, so we decided to Feng Xiaobing birthday party and kill the celebration held together. At the party, the four girls for the first time to see Wei Xiaohong Huaqing University boyfriend, brother in law looks gentle, talk and without losing the humor of fidget cube fake science and engineering men, we are very impressed with his mind, Not bad, two people together with talented woman, must be forever However, after the end of the party, Huaqing male alone to leave, and Wei Xiaohong a person holding a glass sitting on the sofa on the thoughtful. Red sister, brother in law ye go Feng Xiaodeng see Huaqing male quietly left, came to ask. Nothing, broke up. what Feng Xiaodao can not understand how the red sister can say that so clear and light, her own although there is no love experience, but indirect experience to tell her that breaking up 6 sided fidget cube with case should not be such a state. He will not come to the river, I will not go to Yanjing, so Wei Xiaohong made a you understand expression. Feng Xiaobei do not understand, with Zhu Huafeng, Deng You said one of them, we also do not understand For a period of six years to maintain the relationship was so broken on the broken, this is indeed difficult to understand, but we really do not ask fine, the party when the finish, Wei Xiaohong suddenly with Zixia said Zixia, tonight I ll have a white day. Zixia certainly promised. I do not know when to start, as long as some of these girls were in a bad mood, white will be responsible for to accompany chat, white jade once with Zixia protest, feel like this casually, just like a public car, but Zixia Then he blocked him back white you forget it, I see you obviously sleep very happy. White night sleep is not happy fidget cube yellowgreen tonight, because he just one.

Fidget fidget cube orange and white Cube Orange And White Yujing holding guitar, stand before the microphone, adjust it, and then began to plucked, the singer is a very common melody prelude, shaking his head smiled, and then just heard that juvenile singing two, suddenly stunned Living. That laughter reminds me of my flowers In every corner of my life quietly open for me fidget cube how much does it cost Sad and warm voice faintly sounded in the square, more and more people stopped, or surrounded by. Chapter 36 White Cat Prince 8 That portrait is not like white jade While Bai Yujing guitar singing, the crowd suddenly asked a question, and then gradually spread the doubt, more people began to talk up, standing in the crowd of five girls see something wrong, want to remind, but also Afraid of everyone recognized Feng Xiaodao and Zhu Huafeng. Really white jade eh A girl approached a sudden suddenly called out, and then we have all surrounded up, fidget cube store Bai Yujing realized that he was recognized, off the guitar, called the buddy thank you, and then ran away. Or can not be accustomed to be able to be recognized at any time the nine line small star identity, fidget cube orange and white escape is not reluctant to live with the people, but subconsciously want to drive everyone to facilitate that a few girls get out. We see him turn and ran, shocked, most people are laughing and laughing in the discussion is not white jade, only a few real fidget cube nederland fans chase up, Bai Yujing fidget cube orange and white really run up, speed and book fidget cube response how agile, blink of an eye Not into the crowd, chasing the past fans regret to look east, and finally gave up to continue to catch up. White jade did not fidget cube orange and white run away, in front of a pocket, into a clothing store, bought a duckbill cap, and then return to the original road, because the night, the street fidget cube for adhd lights on the trance, swaggering to come back no one recognized The Five went to a relatively dark place, ready to call Bai Yujing, the phone just a dial, I heard the ringing of white jade in the neighborhood sounded. Come back. Wei Xiaohong reminded the sentence, and then fidget cube orange and white a few girls in a circle, Zixia pointed to a duckling mouth, said There. Wei Xiaohong shook his head and said, I used to call him. Hey, I heard that just white jade singing here, is not it Bai Yujing see Wei Xiaohong came, hurriedly asked, Wei Xiaohong pointed to a direction, said do not know is not true, ran.